Vintage Radio Tubes (Valves)

Pair 864s replaces WD-11

Sorry these have been Sold

I have had several request for these in the past few months.

Matched Pair of JAN CHY 864s, NEW in Original boxes, Tested & Guaranteed Not DOA
$30.00 pair, 25€00 pair

These Military, US Army - US Navy tubes are great replacements for the WD-11 used in the Radiola III
To use these as a replacement for the WD11s, you will need adapter sockets (sometimes available from
Antique Radio Supply) or replace the sockets from bad WD11s.

Made by Hytron, under contract for RCA

864 Pair

Date Code January 1944

864 Date Code

Boxes were sealed until I opened
for testing & inspection

864 Boxes

Sockets are tight & solid
with no loose pins

864 Bases

Glass has 864
as well as bases

864 Number on Glass

Plates (Anodes) are the
Shiny Chrome looking type

864 Plate (Anode)

These have been tested on a Superior Instruments TV11 tester.
Both test Strong with No Shorts. My tester tends to read a bit low. A reading of around 65 to 70 is normal for NEW tubes, (valves).

Test of 1st tube (valve) reads 64

864 Test

Test of 2nd tube (valve) reads 64

864 Test

These have the following specs (taken from 1944 Radio Amateur's Handbook).

  • Class A Amplifier
  • Filament = 1.1v, .25a
  • Plate (A) Volts = 90v
  • Plate (A) Current = 2.9ma
  • Control Grid (G1) Volts = -4.5v
  • Plate (A) Resistance = 13.5k Ω
  • Transconductance = 610 µmhos
  • Amplification Factor = 8.2
  • Base = 4D

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