More than 2700 Years Old (pronounced Bayz-Ee-Ay)
Béziers is just off the A9 between Montpellier & Narbonne. This City is more than 2700 years old (700 BC). This town is located on the Orb River, just off the coast.
Crossing above the Orb, is the Canal du Midi. This canal links from the Mediterranean to the Garonne Lateral Canal in Toulouse, where that continues to the Atlantic.
Béziers is only 15 minutes to the beaches, les Plages. In Béziers you will find plenty of culture with the Theater, the Friday street market, Bull Arena, & more.
This makes for a wonderful place to walk on a beautiful day.

Pont Vieux
Pont Vieux, bridge built by the Romans in the 12th century & is still in use today.
It is the main southbound route out of Béziers centre.
Cathédrale Saint Nazaire
Zoom shot of Cathédrale Saint Nazaire. Dates back to the 1300s.
Randy & Kathy
With ducks quaking on the river,
Randy & Kathy pose before heading to Valras Plage.
Birds Fly over Orb
The birds started to fly as we left.
Pont Canal
Canal Bridge built over 480 years ago, carries boats & barges
over the Orb on the Canal du Midi.
Denis on Pont Canal
View of canal on the Pont Canal, Canal Bridge.
5 Ponts Here with the Orb River below &
Pont Vieux beyond & not visible here,
we see the
1 Pont Neuf,
2 SNCF rail Bridge,
3 Pont d'Occitanie,
4 Pont Canal
Pont Canal
View of Canal Bridge from quite a walk downstream from Béziers.
Orb Dam East of Béziers
Small Dam on Orb downstream from Béziers.
Below the Dam
Below the Dam, Now I have a 1 hour walk back to the car.
Tree lined Canal Du Midi at Cers
Tree lined Canal Du Midi at Cers, below Béziers.
Platanes known as ''Napoleon's Trees''
Kathy feeds Ducks at Canal du Midi
Kathy feeding Ducks at Canal du Midi.
Ducks like French Bread too.
Château Saint-Jean-d'Aureilhan
Château Saint-Jean-d'Aureilhan.
Château tower
Château Tower, this is visible from the Géant store.