Carcassonne the Walled City


Have you ever seen the 1991 movie "Robin Hood", staring Kevin Costner ?
Have you ever seen the Hyundai commercial showing the car being followed by townsfolk out of a castle ?
This is the town where parts of the movie & the commercial, were filmed.

Carcassonne, the Walled City
Carcassonne Entrance
Carcassonne Entrance
Cars actually come in & out of this!
Linda is about to take 
a walk back in time. 
Linda at entrance of Carcassonne
double walls
Note the double walls.
This is what Robbie was taking a picture of.
Denis & Robbie at entrance of Carcassonne
Person in yellow on right is Robbie.
She was about to take a picture.
Robbie taking photos
Robbie is about to take lots of photos.
Denis at entrance of Carcassonne
Denis is ready to go inside the walls.
Old draw bridge entrance
This is the old Draw Bridge
Note the car about to come out.
Moat for Castle
This is the Moat for the Castle
within the walled city.
Walls of the Castle
Walls of the Castle
Château Bridge over Moat
The Castle Château Comal & Bridge over Moat.
This is within the walled city.
The walled section is actually a live town
with residences & local business.
Entrance to Château Entrance to Château
Now we will take the tour of the walls.
Check with the Tourist Office to find
out what times the tours are given in
the various languages.
Wood structures with slotted floors
Wooden structures along walls & on towers have slotted floors,
to shoot arrows straight down at attackers trying to dig at bottoms of walls.
As I was taking this shot of the moat, I heard voices below me.
Kids in the Moat
They wanted their photo taken.
Wall Path_thumb More of Carcassonne