Carcassonne the Walled City

This town is said to have survived many battles and wars. It dates back to 6th century BC. One story in particular that I find interesting, is that the town was under attack for more than a month. The army outside was trying to starve the town. The town was indeed running out of food. The army was also getting fatigued. It is said that a pig, is what saved the town. The towns people fed corn to a pig until he could eat no more. (the Last of their corn) Then they threw the live pig over the wall to the army below. When the pig exploded, showing he had been fed well, the army below thought that the town must have plenty of food to be able to sacrifice a pig. It Worked! The army packed up and left.
Courtyard inside Château
Courtyard inside the Château
Wooden Fortifications
View of wooden fortifications from inside the Château.
Walkway to Tower
Walkway to a tower
Inside Walls
View of town inside the walls.
Walkway on Walls Now we walk along the walls.
These stairs are very difficult to climb. Stairs in Tower
Inside a Tower Inside one of the towers
More walls to walk. Walkway on Walls
Linda in amazment As I was listening to our guide, I hear Linda saying:
''I Can't Believe I Am Really Here.''
That is the new town below Wall with new part of town below
New part of Town
The new city below.
New part of Town
These 2 were taken from ledge in left of the picture above.
Wall path & Towers Another view of the walls.
Hotel inside city walls
Back side of Hotel inside city walls.
View from Tower View from a tower.
Looking down wall
Looking Straight Down a wall!
Top of Tower Close up of a tower top
Window in Tower
A window they poured Hot Oil down on the enemy
Stained Glass_thumb
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