Wild Champignons

Mushrooms (Champignons) grow wild in moist areas with much decay, such as leaves or rotting wood. Some are quite Delicious & some are quite Dangerous & can even Kill You. Please handle them with gloves & if possible, isolate them from each other when collecting them. Always take them to the Pharmacy (Chemist) to have them looked at before eating or handling them. Some quite edible types look very similar to the poisonous types. In France the Pharmacy (Chemist) will tell you at no cost if you have the edible or non edible type. Most Pharmacies have a beautiful color chart of the various types & what to look for. Please do not take a chance, have them look & verify them first.
These are some mushrooms I came across at a place I like to visit in the mountains of the Espinouse. This is in the park of the Aire St. Pierre de l'Espinouse where I like to have lunch with friends & allow my dog to play in the shallow beginnings of the Agout River. I did not pick any of these, but only made photos, so I have no idea if these are safe or not.

Sign St Pierre de l'Espinouse
Sign at the St Pierre de l'Espinouse park.
Jorge & Colt playing just after Jorge taught Colt to swim.
Agout River from bridge
View looking down stream of the Agout from bridge at entrance of park .
Agout River from bridge
View looking up stream of the Agout from bridge at entrance of park.
Agout River at park
View of the Agout at the park.
Agout River at park
The Agout is so clean & clear here.
Some Champignons
Some Champignons at the park.
More Champignons at the park.
This one was by it self.
Champignon partly eaten
Some Critters had eaten some of this one.
So Many Types.
Such Variations.
They were everywhere.
A Great day for Champignon pictures.
Nice shapes.
Many sizes.
3 types of Champignons
Here are 3 different types shown in this picture.
tres petit Champignons
These Very Small, compare them with the pine cones.
Some grow in clusters.
More in a cluster.
Some Dangerous types look very Similar to the Safe types.
Never Assume, have them checked.
Just up the road 1 km is one place we collect our drinking
water fresh from a Spring to take back to the house.