The House and some views from it

Le Jardin
Maison Le Jardin
House front
This is like the photo at the realty office. Priced at 325.000 FF
House before
This is what we saw as we arrived to look at the house for the 1st time.
House front Tree on right is a Bay Leaf
Jardin before
Denis cutting back jardin on the 1st day.
Denis pruning Jardin
Denis pruning on 2nd Day
Clean Jardin
Finally! A clean jardin
Cave entrance
Entrance to Cave, Notice the Bay Leaves on right
Back ½ of cave has Water Heater & Wine Cellar
Front ½ of cave has Clothes Washer & a small work bench
The Lavender at bottom of steps, has a wonderful smell
Jardin Flowers
Not sure what all is in here.
I know we have some Mint & at least 3 different types of Roses.
Double Tulips
Some of our "Double Tulips". These bloom in the spring, then our roses bloom.
Double Tulips
Close-up of a Red one
Double Tulips
This one has an interesting coloration.
Jardin Gnome This guy is helping Sam watch over the Jardin. He will greet you as you come to the stairs.
This guy is helping Sam watch the entrance to the cave & the Jardin. Jardin Gnome
Take a look inside!