The House and some views from it

Glassed Front Porch
The glassed front porch.
Upper windows slide for good breeze.
Cleaning Fireplace
Cleaning the Fireplace on 3rd day. What a Mess!
Rusty cooking for 1st guest
Rusty cooking a meal for our first guest, Agnete on 3rd day.
Living Room has French Doors
Living Room from Kitchen has French Doors opening to porch.
Kitchen with Dishwasher hookup
Kitchen with Dishwasher hookup under counter on right.
A warm fire during the cold times keeps the whole house warm after continuous days of use. Fire
Small Painting of a Village
Small painting we picked up at a flea market marché puces.
This is characteristic of the area.
Antique French Clock
Antique French clock I picked up at a Trocante.
Buffet stores dining & kitchen items.
Old Oil Lamps Oil Lamps we picked up at a marché puces.
Robbie eats Bread
Robbie likes the French bread & wines.
She said she could live on just French bread and the good wines.
Ceramic Cicada These Cicadas are a symbol of Hospitality in Southern France.
These can be seen on the front wall outside many homes in the area.
Dining Table
Living, Dining Room with nice table & chairs we bought at La Trocante in Béziers.
On our arrival in March 2004, we discovered the store had burned.
It since has reopened.
Kitchen Remodeling
See Kitchen remodeling!
Take a look upstairs!