This is a small enough city to walk most of it & see the bulk of the famous landmarks. You can see most of it in 1 day. To see each of the sights in depth or take a tour, you will need a couple of days. Parking is a real problem, so you may want to arrive by train.

Basilica San Lorenzo
Built in 393. None of the original structure has survived. This was rebuilt with the plans to have a facade but still has the naked stone.

Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale
(National Central Library)
On the banks of the Arno, many volumes of great documentation & literature was destroyed in the flood of 1966.

Basilica Santa Croce
Constructed between 1295 & 1443. The facade was constructed between 1857 & 1863.

Cloister of the Convent & the Pazzi Chapel built between 1430 & 45 is behind the Basilica Santa Croce.

Basilica Santa Maria Novella
This is a result of a transformation of a 9th century structure with many enlargements & additions over the centuries.

1 of the 2 marble obelisks that rest on top of bronze turtles marks where the Palio dei Cocchi (Chariot race) was held in front of Basilica Santa Maria Novella

Sinagoga dome with scaffolding in front. Jews have existed here since the 14th century. This was built from 1874 till 1882.

The Uffizi Gallery
The oldest museum in the world & dates back to the year 1591. Construction started in 1560 by Giorgio Vasari.

Fiume Arno (The Arno River)

Ponte Vecchio on Fiume Arno
This has lots of different kinds of shops, some are fancy jewelry shops

The Duomo & Views from the tower