Views of Firenze from the Tower

You can see the entire city from up here. We had to stop several times to catch our breath & let our hearts slow down. It was worth the climb, this is a "must see".

This was our first view of Brunelleschil's Cupola
as we got to a viewing level.
The dome is 114,5 metres or about 376 feet in height.

Good view of the side of the Duomo.

Look at the long line of people waiting to climb those 463 steps.

Still on the first level looking West North West
with the roof of the Battistero right in front

Looking East from the next level up at the Sinagoga

Looking South East again from the second level
at the Basilica Santa Croce

View of
Brunelleschil's Cupola
from the top level

Looking West from the top

Looking North West from the top
viewing Basilica San Lorenzo & Medic Kapellen
Now we got to go back down.
That would be much easier, but we still needed a beer.
We had also developed an appetite.
We found that in each city,
the pizza was very different from the previous city.
Lots of variety.