Lucca is on the A11 between Pisa (about 23 km) & Firenze (Florence) (about 70 km) & makes a great place to stay that is inexpensive & peaceful. Lucca dates back to the Paleolithic period. This walled city has an interesting center "circulade" of buildings & houses with a center circular or elliptical plaza, built on an ancient Roman amphitheater. Lucca has a rail station, so it makes for a very good place to get around Italy in a short period of time. If you have a car, we suggest that you stay at Villa Il Nonno. Gabriella, whom also speaks English, has parking within her gates & you get a key to open the gate to come & go as you please. Her rooms are nicely furnished & the country atmosphere is quiet for a good nights sleep, unlike hotels in the major cities. Remember that parking in the cities of Italy can cost as much as the room & are not always safe.


Chiesa di San Michele in Foro.
Has a 13th-century fašade.

Tower of Chiesa di San Michele
& Piazza San Michele.

Piazza dell'Anfiteatro. This elliptical shaped piazza is built on an ancient Roman amphitheater in the oldtown area.

Beautiful view from Villa Il Nonno. Photo by Linda.
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Rusty in parking area of Villa Nonno on a very cool morning.
Photo by Linda.

Beautiful view from "pull-off" on A10 while on the way to Lucca. Photo by Linda.
See the Mediterranean to the left & the tunnels & bridges we came from across photo

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Close up of something interesting
in center of above photo.

Extreme right of above photo.

See town of towers
San Gimignano