San Gimignano

San Gimignano dates back to the Hellenistic period (200-300 BC) & in the 10th century was named after the Holy Bishop of Modena, St. Gimignano. The construction of the towers dates back to the 11th & 13th centuries & were more of a status symbol of wealth, rather than for any other use. Only 14 towers of the 72 towers still remain. This town has been known for the cultivation of saffron since the middle ages. In the early 1200s the town had a population of over 7000, but was hit hard by the Black Death Plague in 1348, 1464 & 1631.

Rusty & Denis near entrance of San Gimignano
The central Piazza, with well on right of photo.
More towers around the central Piazza
Il Palazzo del Popolo
(The Peopleís Palace)
The 54 metre high
"Great Tower" or Podestaís tower,
built in 1311,
can be visited.
The Duomo dates back to 1148 & is filled with frescoes, statues & sculptures

After going up a steep path & some steep stairs, I was rewarded with some great views.

I see Denis & Linda, so I zoomed in.

No, they didnít just get an Amazing Race clue. Thatís a trash bin.

A Beautiful Day To Be Alive!

A view over the side before we go back down.

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