Medical Float Winner of la Festa dell’Uva!

This was the winning float! They spotted my hospital shirt & there was no backing out! We were ask to join in the skit. First it was I, and then they wanted Randy also. This was built on the frame of a small vehicle that was "gutted". The driver was underneath the bed mounted on the front. The right side was the entrance (seen in pictures) & looked like a C.A.T. scan machine. The left side was the exit (sorry no pictures) & you came out the end of a wine barrel. Then you were lead up some steps & put on the bed for the town to see. While inside (as well as while on the bed outside) they give you an "INIEZIONE". This is done orally with a very large syringe full of wine.

This is the front. How can the driver see?

Note: The "wine IVs" on each side of bed.

C.A.T. Scan Note: The Gages and Power Switch to the left.

"NEXT! Let's get that American in the scrubs shirt!"

Yes, that's me getting my "INIEZIONE".

Note: The "wine urinal bottle" above my head.

Note: The (2) jars on the right, have "boobs" in them.
The bigger tall jar on the left has a big penis in it.

"OK! Time for a swig!"
Yes, that's a urinal bottle.

Here goes Randy, for his C.A.T. scan!

Randy coming out of the wine barrel.

Another shot of Randy going in!

Randy drinking from urinal bottle.

Randy gets his wine "INIEZIONE"

"That's good stuff, I want more!"