This is the town were rented a flat in a farmhouse for one week. It is located in the center of Italy.
You can catch a train near by & get to anywhere in Italy in just a couple of hours.

This small town is on top of a mountain in Umbria.
This town dates back to at least 40 B.C.

Panicale is very near the lake Lago Trasimeno.
Lake is seen at upper part of this picture.

Plaza area in side castle walls.
You are looking at one of the 7 churches in this town.
Photo was taken from old Draw Bridge Entrance.

Plaza area with view of old Draw Bridge Entrance.
The Draw Bridge is gone & moat filled with gravel.
Old moat is now the road around the town.
That's Kathy sitting at the fountain.

This is the Finest restaurant in Panicale. It's not real expensive and the food is Fantastic. We had our first taste of truffles here. Now Randy is hooked!

Morning sunrise as seen from our flat.
The fog would come off the lake every morning.
The lake is around the mountain to the left

A typical
street inside
the walled city.

These 2 narrow
streets are
less than 1 meter wide.

See more of Panicale & the
Wine Harvest Festival & Parade

la Festa dell’Uva!