la Festa dell’Uva!

This is the wine harvest festival. It brings out all of the locals as well as many from other villages.
The town of 500 people becomes filled to 800 or more for this one week long event.
Every night they have a different type of feast at a community center at the edge of the village.

This group was moving with the parade while doing
old folk dances including going onto their knees.

This float became very popular with the spectators, when
they discovered the free wine being handed out at the rear.

We were not sure what was going on inside this float.
People kept going inside the back door.
We may have missed half the party.

This was interesting! Some of the guns looked real.
Note: Machine gun at lower left corner.

This is the bike with the machine gun in her lap.
This was behind the truck pictured at left.

Note: The man in red vest is holding a vintage wooden
"tapping" musical instrument. He was using it earlier with
his group in the parade.

This was real interesting to watch.
This skit was done with (2) people inside the bull costume.
He appeared to be pulling the rope around someone's neck.

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Rusty & Randy participate
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la Festa dell’Uva!