This town is rather small. You can walk from one side of the "Old Part" to the other in about 20 minutes. It's best, if you are not saying in town, to catch a train into Pisa from near by & walk around to see the sites. We were able to get to all the sites as well as walk the streets & check out the architecture, in just a few hours. Bring GOOD walking shoes! The tower was not open to the public at the time Randy & Kathy were there. The tower has now been opened to the public to go up, since 15 December 2001.

This small church, Santa Maria della Spina, built in 1230,
was disassembled, relocated & reassembled, in 1871, to protect
it from flooding. This is beautifully made with inlaid marble.

Piazza dei Cavalieri
Check out the close up in picture on right.

This is a fine example of the old mixing with the new. Behind the
walls of this old fortress, is a tranquil park, Giardino Scotto.

Entrance of Old City Walls
to the Tower Square

Battistero at Tower Square

Dome of Battistero is being retiled
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