More of Pisa

The Torre (tower) is rather small, compared to what you might expect. The tremendous weight involved & the massive effort to save the tower, was a GREAT undertaking. PBS has a very good documentary on the work that was done. IT WAS A SUCCESS! The lead counterweights & massive cables attached to nearby buildings are gone. Now you can go into the tower. There are many gift shops in the square. There are cheep sandwiches & a Free toilet near by. Just outside the old wall & to the left you will find a good coffee & sandwich stand. Follow the road next to it & walk into the Hospital compound. Walk straight about one block then on your right, you will see another café (also good, but crowded at lunch time). As you face the café look just to the left of the entrance & you will see the WC. Most tourist do not know this & have to buy some food or drink somewhere to use a WC or use a crowded pay toilet.

Just inside the wall @ Tower Square.
See the white lion on the wall above the man walking.

        Battistero                   Duomo     Torre
This is above the center door of the Camposanto, a very long, narrow building running the north side of the Tower Square.

The Duomo with the Camposanto partly visible on left.
One of the
massive doors
of the Duomo.
Close up of
Duomo doors.

The builders of the Duomo had to much wine.
NOTHING is SQUARE, LEVEL, or STRAIGHT along this wall.

Close up of the top of the Torre
Back of the Duomo
on left.
YES! It still leans. I am holding the camera level.
Randy & Kathy
trying to match the lean.
Nice view up the Torre.

Carvings at base of Torre.
Just a nice building on via Santa Maria, one of the streets we took to get back to the rail station.
Let's Go Up
The Torre!