La Torre di Pisa

The Torre (tower) is open. The tours are Strictly on the Hour & half hour. They ONLY allow 15 people at a time & you MUST come back out within the 30 minutes. Like most attractions in Europe, it is best if you buy your tickets in advance. You get better rates & are guaranteed to get in. Beware, some on-line ticket sources are not a good deal. For the tower, it is best to buy online from the genuine website.
Please read the information page. The details are important & tell you the procedures, or you might miss your tour. The tickets run 15€ per person with a 2€ advance sale fee. The extra fee is worth it because otherwise you probably would not get in. NOTE: No children under 8 years of age may enter. You MUST be in good health & be able to climb continuous 293 steps. The Torre is 58.36 metres high from the foundation and 55 meters from ground level.

Just inside the door. As you go up the stairs get narrower & narrower as you go up. They slop to one side, then they level out, then they slope to the other side. The sloping to switch as you continue around & up.

1st window view of the Battistero & Duomo

Linda made it to the Belfry level, 293 steps.

The Belfry la cella campanaria

More stairs & Finally made it to the top!

Office of Opera Primaziale Pisana (gathering place for tour)

View of the Battistero & Duomo from top.

View of Chiesa di Santa Caterina looking East

View Directly North from top.

View North-Northeast from top.
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