Yes it's true, Rome was not built in a day! You will not see all of it in one day. The Coliseum alone might take a good bit of one day to take the tour. At the time we did not have the time to go in the Colosseo. This is a large city with lots of traffic. The best way to see Rome, is to arrive by train & get an "all day bus pass" at the bus depot in front of the rail station. With this inexpensive pass, you can get on & off any bus you like all day long.
You can get a free map of the attractions at the tourist information desk at the rail station, look for the big blue i.
Even if you plan on staying in Rome overnight or for several days, you probably would still be better off not to bring a car but to arrive by train. The cost of parking can be more than a room & Very difficult as well as a risk. A good bit of Rome can be seen on foot, yet you will still need to ride a bus some distance to get to different areas.

We started at the Colosseo & il Foro Romano (Roman Forum). The il Foro Romano is where the Romans began the start of politics & judicial system. It is also the place where Caesar was killed.

This is much larger than you would think & takes quite some time to walk around.
You have to see this in person to really appreciate it.
This was our first view inside as we walked around.
A much better view inside. We chose not to take the tour because we did not have the time.

As we turned around, this is what we saw. Temio di Venere e Roma at il Foro Romano

Randy & Kathy in front of Arco di Costantino, one of the Many arches.

On via Facra looking back to the Colosseo
The Arco di Tito at the entrance of il Foro Romano
The Chiesa di Santa Francesca Romana is the 1st church we came to at the Foro Romano
The Tempio di Antonio e Faustina at il Foro Romano

Tempio di Saturno (L) Tempio di Divo Vespasiano e Tito (R)
Temple of Saturn (Left)
Temple of Divo Vespasiano & son Tito (Right)
Chiesa di Santi Luca e Martina

La Colonna Traiana (Right) Trajan's Column next to Chiesa Santa Maria di Loreto & Chiesa SS. Nome di Maria.

Looking back at il Foro Romano as we moved on.

Please let me know of any inaccuracies & advise a correction.

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