Flag of Andorra


The country of Andorra is located between Spain & France, near the coast of the Mediterranean. The entire country is only 468 sq km, smaller than many cities. It is in the rugged Pyrénées Mountains. Andorra is famous for NO TAXES. They thrive on tourist that are here to buy Tobacco & Liquor. Andorra has 0% unemployment rate. This is also a snow skier's heaven. The ski slopes are everywhere. The shops in the towns make Andorra a Giant Duty Free Store.
Andorra border town, ''Pas de la Casa''
Border town of Pas de la Casa is FULL of SHOPS!
Andorra border, looking toward France
Looking toward France above Pas de la Casa.
Andorra border, looking toward Spain
Looking toward Spain above Pas de la Casa.
Hotel La Mola, Encamp, Andorra
View from our Hotel at Encamp.