Figueres & Salvador Dali Museum

Figueres is near the coast of the Mediterranean less than an hours drive south of the French boarder, or just over an hours drive from Barcelona.
This very diversified town is the birth place of Salvador Dali. Salvador Dali built his museum here inside the ruins of the old Municipal Theater of Figueres. He is in the crypt in the bottom of the museum below the center of the dome.
Little known to many, he also made some spectacular jewelry. Most of his jewelry is on display, as were his final wishes. This museum is well worth the visit & will be an all day affair.
The town itself, has restaurants & hotels with MANY languages spoken. Almost all hotels & restaurants have signs & menus in Spanish, English, French, & German. One restaurant we went to has a waiter that speaks 26 languages. In the nearby town of Roses, you will find most of the town speaks German.
If you can go on any day other than Monday, you should go over the mountain to the coastal town Cadaques & see the house of Salvador Dali at Portlligat bay. Remember that it is closed on Mondays & holidays.

Salvador Dali Museum
Notice the ''Tire Tower'' on the right, the dark tower. These are tractor tires piled up with a statue on top. Look close at the corner of the building.
The tower just between the corner & the tire tower, is another tower made of 14 TVs. It has a woman's head on top.

Salvador Dali Museum
This is the entrance side of the museum.
The theater was destroyed by fire in 1939.
Look on the balcony, at the center.
That is a man in a divers suit.

Salvador Dali Museum
He had a fascination about eggs & bread.
The tan blobs dotting the sides of the building
are supposed to be bread.
They looked like something else to me.
The dome, seen here, was the first part of construction of the ruins. The dome was placed over the old stage area by use of a helicopter. I believe the dome was to symbolize the earth.
Salvador Dali Museum
Bay at Salvador's house
This beautiful & peaceful "protected" bay is what
Dali was able to enjoy, by only stepping out his door.

Notice the tree growing out of the middle of the boat. This is directly in front of the Dali house, where a man is seen sitting.   Tree growing in boat at Dali's house
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